Friday, May 7, 2010

The Flood

For those outside on Tennessee you still may not know the devastation Middle Tennessee as well as surrounding areas have faced over the last week. It has not received much nationwide coverage until recently and it has been almost a full week since the disaster took place.

We live in Nashville and May 1st and 2nd are dates that will burn in our minds forever. Over the course of those 2 days we received just shy of 15 inches of continuous rain. the rainfall and rising of the local rivers all reach record breaking amounts. The Cumberland River with is the main river in Nashville and fairly close to our home crested at 52 feet which is 12 feet above flood level. A large amount of our downtown area was underwater, historic landmarks destroyed, neighborhoods under water, hundreds of water rescues, loss of power and lives. It has been shocking and saddening to watch so much of our beloved city destroyed. The economic impact this flood will have on our state and city is still unknown, but they are estimating the damages are around $1.5 billion.

Due to the flooding the CSA were planned on joining was affected and wasn't able to make it's delivery the first week. But we are so happy to hear that they are up and running again. So we will keep you all updated on our experience with a CSA. If you are a part of one tell us what you think about it. We are excited about the idea of eating seasonally and having fresh organic, local produce, eggs and meet delivered weekly. Our little garden was also damaged in the flood. It appears we still have one tomato plant standing but we will have to replant green papers, lettuce, and everything else.

I am so proud to see Nashville and the local communities ban together in this tragic time and re-build this city together. So many volunteers, so much good coming out of a disaster. I have never been so proud to live in Nashville than I am now and at this point in my life I am so happy to call Nashville my home. This is a true demonstration of a city taking care of itself, and I love it. We Are Nashville.

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